How to Come up With an Effective Sign Design for Your Business

How to Come up With an Effective Sign Design for Your Business

How to come up with an Effective Sign Design for your Business

Signs have become an essential part of every advertisement strategy. They help readers focus on your product and allows you to see what you want to show them.

But here is the catch, most designers are failing to create signs that leave people in awe. The kind that steal the attention if its viewers in a way they just don’t want to look away.

What is the Reason?

Designers today need to realize that an average person today has a very short attention speed, probably 3-5 seconds and if you can’t grab their attention in that time span they’d simply just move on to the next option.

Coming up with an effective design for your brand and business that help make your business visible in the market is indeed a difficult task but we believe if you believe a certain system, you too can come up with a cool business sign.

The following sign design approach is being followed by the designers at VisAbility Sign Studio from day one and it has allows us to come up pretty decent sign designs for our clients for so many years.

So, let’s begin. First you need to start with…

  • Preparing a Rough Draft on a Piece of Paper

It doesn’t matter if you have a team or you are a one man army, the very first thing you need to do is to take a piece of paper and draw a rough sketch of all kinds of design that come to your mind. Be as creative as you can. Go from all perspectives and come up with as many designs as you can.

It doesn’t have to be perfect at first. Perfection would come as you follow along this approach. But first take it all out from your mind to a piece of paper.

  • Use Big, Bold Letters – Go All the way

Now let’s start with the actual design. Here is what most business basically feature

  • A Product Title
  • A Short Message About the Product
  • A Sign/Logo

Now as mentioned before, you need to target the average attention span which is quite short. You do that by first Giving your product a Catchy title in big bold letters. You can follow these guidelines to create signage material as well.

These letters should be written with fonts that ask for attention of the viewer. The very first time when a viewer sees your design his eyes should be focused on the title. That’s where the real magic begins. If you can get this right, the rest would be pretty easy.

  • Be Aware of the Coloring Schemes

If you have been into graphics business then we don’t think we need to tell you how important it is to know your colors. Keep in mind you must know which color works best with which color or font.

You wouldn’t want to create an excellent logo just to ruin it with a poor choice of colors. Make sure you pick the right coloring scheme as per your brand and business type.

  • Come Up with a complete yet Concise Short Message

After the title you need to come up with a catchy title that is paced at just the right place on your sign. Make sure to use standard typography techniques and write a message that answers a question.

What we mean by that is, with this message you can tell people what your product or business is actually about. These few words or line are quite powerful and if you can’t make use of that power properly you might end up ruining the entire sign.

  • Make Sure to Add Noticeable Contrast

Contrast is another important color aspect that you need to be aware of. Contrast increases readability and helps your viewer focus on what really matters. By channeling their attention to what really matters you can make them see why and how your business can add value to them and ultimately this is what all businesses are all about, Adding Value to their Clients.

Not just colors contrast, there also should be a contrast in typography which makes thing easier to read.  

  • Use a Vector File for Brand Logo

Next up is brand logo. It needs to be a Vector file because vector image files are scalable. You can increase or decrease the size without affecting the quality of your logo. This tip is for beginners who are just starting off with graphic designing and have no idea where to begin.

  • Make Sure The Photo containing the Logo has High Enough Resolution

The higher the resolution, the better your image would look on small posters and it would be good for you if you plan on going big and fixing up bill boards or large banners for your sign.

Make sure that you take your image from a High Quality Camera for better resolution. If you are going for a logo then go for vector files. Or if you don’t want to go through the trouble by yourself then you can always use stock images.

Signs are important for your business as they help increase its visibility in the marketplace. Pay attention to it when coming up with your advertisement strategy and you’ll see how it affects your business in the long run.

Wrapping it All Up:

This should be enough for you to get started with coming up your own sign design. If you are still finding it hard to go about it then we are here to help you.

VisAbility Sign Studio is a professional graphic designing company. Our staff of professional graphics and web designers would help you come with Effective Signs for your business. Contact us right away to make your brand speak for itself.

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